The dollar remains a little softer to start the session

The greenback remains lower to start the day, with the risk tilt more positive

The Dollar and Yen are still lagging behind as we move towards European trade, due to a slight upside boost in equities as the risk climate remains more bullish.

EUR / USD holds its high for the day, but struggles to break through short-term resistance around 1.1750 at the moment:

EUR / USD S1 01-10

After braving the month-end feeds yesterday, market participants will be looking to hang on to the next narrative and so far it’s based on a more positive risk mood for now.

US stimulus hopes are arguably what’s driving this, but can such a sentiment last if things turn badly in Washington again?

This is a key consideration, alongside the conclusion of Brexit negotiations and the US jobs report tomorrow as we look to wrap up the negotiating week.

For now, the risk narrative remains but there are still risks that it could come undone in the coming session; the same goes for exchange rate gains against the dollar as such.
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