US Crude Oil Futures Settle At $ 63.22

Up $ 1.55 or 2.51% on the day

The price of WTI crude oil futures is $ 1.55 or 2.51% at $ 63.22. The high price hit $ 63.37. The low price spread to $ 60.97.

Up $ 1.55 or 2.51% on the day_

Looking at the hourly chart, the low price today (and yesterday) stalled just ahead of its 100 hour moving average. It was technically a sign of a comeback. In the North American session, the cycle top at $ 63 was broken and the price rose to test an uptrend line twice, including the current hourly bar. This trendline currently stands at $ 63.41. The high price of the day hits $ 63.37.


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