US stocks open higher

US stocks stay there

At the start of the North American session, the future involved the following:

  • Dow is up 130 points
  • S&P up 14.81 points
  • NASDAQ index up 67 points

With the markets now open, the main indices are trading above these levels despite the ADP report’s 20 million + job cuts + and a refinancing schedule that could crowd out funds for other investments (but let’s be honest, there is a lot of cash there).

The market snapshot currently shows:

  • S&P index up 22.39 points or 0.78% to 2890.83
  • NASDAQ index up 93.18 points or 1.06% to 8,902.30
  • Dow Jones Index on average up 152.06 points or 0.64% to 24,035.15

In other markets, US Treasury yields have not escaped the news of repayment. Yields are higher with the steepening of the yield curve. The 2-10 year spread is up to 53.66 basis points from 47.37 basis points yesterday.

US Treasury yields are higher
  • Spot gold trades from $ 12.10 or -0.71% to $ 1,693.60
  • WTI crude oil futures are trading down $ 0.65 or -2.65% to $ 23.90. This is the lowest of $ 22.58. The high price was up to $ 26.08.

In forex, the JPY remains the strongest of the majors while the GBP remains the weakest.

The yen remains the strongest

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