The main indices end up mixed. 2nd weekly gain in 3 weeks for the main indices

The main indices are approaching session peaks

The main indices are approaching the daily highs of the day. The latest figures show

  • S&P Index + 6.94 points or 0.24% to 2955.45. The salvation of the day reached 2,956.76. Lowest extended to 2933.59
  • The Nasdaq closed up 39.705 points or 0.43% to 9,324.58. The day’s high was 9328.28. The lowest was down to 9239.41
  • The Dow Jones lost -8.96 points or -0.04% to 24,465.18. The highest reached 24,481.64. Lowest extended to 24294.07

Also note:

  • Dow’s best weekly gain in 6 weeks
  • NASDAQ closes less than 5% of all-time highs
  • S&P index closes at less than 12% of all-time highs
  • Dow closes 16% of the record

For trading week:

  • The S&P index rose 3.2%
  • NASDAQ index rose 3.44%
  • Dow Jones rose 3.29%

For 2020,

  • NASDAQ index leads the way with 3.92% gain
  • The S&P index is still down -8.52% (and is -12% from the historic high)
  • Dow Jones down -14.27% (and down -16% from historic record)

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