CFTC commitments of traders. Buyers net of dollars in speculative net futures positions this week

Forex futures position data for the week ending May 19, 2020

  • EUR long 72K vs 78K long last week. Long garnished with 6K
  • GBP short 19K vs 14K short last week. Shorts increased by 5K
  • JPY long 28K vs 28K long last week. Unchanged long
  • CHF long 9K vs 7K long last week. Long increased by 2K
  • AUD is short 39k vs 35K short last week. Shorts increased by 4K
  • NZD runs 16K vs 16K runs last week. Unchanged shorts
  • CAD 35k short vs 32K short last week. Shorts increased by 3K

Examination of net speculative positions by issuing currency

  • Long positions in EUR and CHF have been reduced.
  • Short positions in GBP, AUD and CAD have been increased.
  • Two positions – the JPY and the NZD have remained unchanged during the current week.

Overall, the net speculative positions were buyers in dollars (short currencies) when the offices closed on Tuesday. The EUR remains the largest speculative long 72K position. EURUSD rallied (peaked on Thursday, before retracing 50% of the increase from last week’s trough.

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