NZDUSD stays above 200 MA hours by keeping buyers under control.

The price also exceeded 100 hours MA

The NZD is today one of the strongest currencies due to an increased risk on sentiment. The rise caused the price to rise above:
  • 100 hours and trend line at 0.59121
  • 200 hours MA at 0.59285
The price also exceeded 100 hours MA

The 200 hour moving average has blocked the fall for the past few hours and provides a new basis for traders. Move below and the trend line and 100 hours MA will be targeted. Stay on top of everyone, keep buyers more in control. Move below and I would expect more sales.

On a new bullish momentum, traders will observe the 0.59747 area (see the numbered red circles). This line shelters summits which go back to March 31, April 1 and April 2. Above this ceiling, traders will watch 0.6000, 0.6014, 0.6037 and the March 27 high at 0.60686.



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