Major indices close higher but peak in the last hour of trading

S&P and NASDAQ index still close to record highs

The main indices close higher but come out of the highs and the last hour, so trading. Nonetheless, the NASDAQ and S&P closed at record highs. The NASDAQ closed at record highs for the 46th time this year.

A preview of the fence shows:

  • S&P Index up 40.81 points or 1.13% to 3,662.44. New Highest Price Of All Time Comes To 3678.45
  • the NASDAQ index closed 156.36 points or 1.28% at 12,355.10. New intraday high price reached 12,405.70
  • the Dow industrial average rose 185.28 points or 29,823.92. The high price returned above the 30,000 level to reach a high price of 30,083.31

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