Bitcoin is approaching last week’s highs of $ 19,500

Also approaching the record price of $ 19,9891.99

Bitcoin is trading significantly higher today on the Coinbase exchange and is almost pricing steep declines from last week’s high. The high price last week hit $ 19,500 for a drop – $ 3,300 to $ 16,200 the next day. Over the weekend, the price recovered some of the declines. Currently the price is up from $ 1,007 to $ 19,283. The high price has traded at $ 19,350 so far today.

Also getting closer to the record price of $ 19,891.99 _
Exploring the hourly chart, last week the price is moving below the 200 hour moving average (green line). Fell to the 16,200 level. Further rise from Thursday low as prices recall above 200 hour moving average. The price is getting closer and closer to last week’s high of $ 19,500. The 200 hour moving average and $ 18,088.82 is a risk level. Closer risk levels could be $ 18,980 (the high price on November 21 and close to $ 18,632, which was a low price on November 25 and near previous high levels today.


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